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Deep Expertise and Experience

Every day you read about another bank that is starting an equipment finance business. Another player in an already overcrowded market offering cookie cutter leases and loans for a large pool of nondescript equipment types. Generalists who offer the same products and services to all of their customers. But you wouldn't go to a general practitioner for heart surgery and you shouldn't to a general leasing company for fitness equipment.

Macrolease is exclusively focused on the US Wellness and Fitness Market, one of the fastest growing and most important sectors of the US economy. The Wellness and Fitness Market encompasses industries that enable consumers to incorporate wellness activities and lifestyles into their daily lives. Having this singular focus allows Macrolease to be creative, flexible and innovative and design the right program for your business.

Big or Small - One Size Does Not Fit All

We have pro­grams to accommodate any size busi­ness. From boutique, single site yoga studies to large multisite health­care facil­i­ties Macrolease can custom tailor an equipment finance program that works for your business.

Our Deep Focus and Expertise Allows Us to:

  • Offer leases and loans of terms up to 84 months
  • Write both FMV and Dollar Out Leases
  • Finance entire project cost, including soft costs and build out
  • Work with start-up businesses to finance opening of first location
  • Help operators expand and open new locations
  • Offer Interest Only and Step Up Payment structures
  • Finance multiple vendors on single lease
  • Fitness and Mindful Movement Facilities
    Macrolease helps companies in the fitness market acquire the equipment they need to start, expand and grow their operations.
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  • Restorative Health
    A growing sector of the Wellness Market is the Restorative Health market that includes Spas, Physical Therapy businesses and Pain Management Clinics. Macrolease helps companies in this market acquire the equipment they need to offer their much needed services.
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  • YMCAs, JCCs & Non-profits
    Var­i­ous non-prof­its play a sig­nif­i­cant role in their com­mu­ni­ties and we are hap­py to pro­vide them with attrac­tive, afford­able financ­ing pro­grams. Macrolease is proud to be a YMCA Preferred Vendor.
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  • Commercial Office Buildings
    Macrolease's extensive lease portfolio includes numerous leases for office buildings and apartment buildings. We have financed a wide-array of collateral including fitness, restaurant and office equipment along with furniture.
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  • Corporate Wellness
    Almost 80% of companies will increase their investment in fitness programs for their employees in the next 3 years
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  • Homeowners' Associations
    It can be advan­ta­geous to lease equip­ment rather than mak­e a large cap­i­tal expen­di­ture. We have the ability to provide capital improvement financing to assets ranging from elevators, energy efficiency systems, new roofs and much, much more.
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  • Schools & Universities
    Budgetary constraints can often prevent schools from acquiring assets when they are needed. Whether refreshing existing equipment or outfitting a new facility, short term leasing is an attractive way to accomplish your goal.
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  • Nutrition and Healthy Eating
    Macrolease works with franchisees and single store concepts that offer nutrition and healthy food options as part of their overall wellness offering.
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  • Active Aging
    Providing financing solutions for Active Aging Communities
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  • Health Care Facilities
    Private practices, hospitals, clinics, dentists, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals need to acquire new equipment periodically. Some of this equipment can be quite costly and from time to time these acquisitions unexpectedly become necessary.
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  • Municipalities
    We offer a specialized type of financing which allows government entities to acquire any kind of new or used “essential use” equipment. This program allows municipalities to leverage the purchasing power of their current appropriations by the length of the lease term.
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