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The Leasing Process

    Step 1

    Obtain Lease Quote

    After determining your specific equipment needs with your vendor(s), the equipment quote(s) should be forwarded to a Macrolease sales representative. A lease proposal with terms and monthly payments will be prepared and sent to you, typically within the hour.

    Step 2

    Submit Application

    If interested in moving forward, return a completed lease application along with any requested financial information. The application and list of requested financials (if any) will be included with your original lease proposal.

    Step 3

    Credit Review

    A credit response is usually rendered within 24 hours of receipt of the application

    Step 4


    Once approved, lease documents will be prepared and emailed. Documents will need to be executed by an authorized signor and originals will need to be returned to Macrolease.

    Step 5

    Order Equipment

    Once properly executed documents are received, a purchase order will be issued to the equipment vendor(s). Customer and vendor should then coordinate delivery details.

    Step 6

    Delivery & Acceptance

    Upon our receipt of vendor invoice(s), we will contact you for verification of delivery and acceptance. Once confirmed, the vendor(s) will be paid and your lease will begin.

    Step 7

    Enjoy your new equipment!

Our leasing process is very simple and straight forward. Our team is here to guide you through every step of the way. We'll have you using your new equipment in no time!

JoAnn Novello, Macrolease Funding Manager