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  1. Boomer O'Sullivan

    Boomer is a key member of the Collections Department at Macrolease and an assistant to the assistant Office Manager. This full-size Golden Doodle is a lovable bundle of fur and everyone's best friend in the office. Although getting on in years, Boomer is still full of energy. Especially after a haircut. He was recently romantically linked with Sweet Dee.
  2. Baxter Trentacoste

    Baxter is an 11 year old Goldendoodle. While weighing in at over 60 pounds, he is completely unaware of his size and is easily frightened. Having spent so much time around Eileen, he has learned to spread financial statements and calculate DSCR.
  3. Dee Reynolds "Sweet Dee" Vecker

    This sweet, lovable, highly energetic terrier mix was rescued from a Kill Shelter in Atlanta Georgia, shortly after her birth in August of 2021. She started visiting Macrolease in the summer of 2022 and loves being in the office. Her favorite thing is stealing tissues from Carol's garbage can. Paul's least favorite thing is taking the tissues out of her mouth.
  4. Harley Grillo

    Harley is a 4 year old Mini-Toy Schnauzer who thinks she is a cat. She loves walking on the back of the couch and the arms of chairs. Her fear of falling is Zero on a scale of 1 to 10. Also, she is not embarrassed to be photographed in a sailor suit in the middle of Manhattan.
  5. Jameson Kaehl-Fitzpatrick

    Jameson is an 18 month old Super Mutt (mostly Pit Bull Terrier). Jameson loves people. Maybe too much. If someone tried to break into the house, he would probably give them a tour. After licking them first. Jameson is a big fan of the University of Tennessee football and is often found wearing their colors, while tilting his head to the left.
  6. Sherman Hecht

    Sherman is a 9 year old Cavachon that was recently adopted by Erica. He is super friendly and sweet and loves having his belly rubbed. Like a lot. Like 24/7. Apparently he has a great sense of humor although not everyone gets his jokes.
  7. Moe Vecker (RIP)

    Moe passed away in October of 2022 at the age of 105 (15 in dog years). He was great dog, a great companion and a trusted confidante. A frequent visitor to the office, Moe never let his personal feelings towards someone get in the way of being a great manager. He will be sorely missed..