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    Macrolease Logo

    Our New Logo

    The new Macrolease Logo is a brilliant-cut diamond. A diamond represents strength, power, courage, fortitude, creativity, imagination, passion, purity and faithfulness. These are all characteristics of Macrolease and the people that work here.

A diamond also takes a very long time to create - as much as 3 billion years - and requires immense pressure and extreme heat. And while it is not technically true that they last “forever”, they will outlast us, our planet and perhaps most of the universe. It has taken a lifetime, 50 years, to bring Macrolease to where it is today. A strong, powerful and passionate company, forged through the fire of creativity and hard work. Its strength comes from the intensity, creativity and integrity of its people. It is built to outlive any one business cycle, trend or individual.

Our diamond has 50 facets, one for each year of our existence. Many of these are evident in the angle of view but some of which are hidden. The more facets in a diamond, the more sparkle. A diamond with 50 facets or more is considered a brilliant diamond. In the front view, some of these facets join together to form an “M”, in homage to our previous logo.

The color blue represents trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith and truthfulness. Blue is also strongly associated with tranquility and calmness. All of these are embodied within the people and business conducted at Macrolease. We want our customers to feel all of these attributes in each of us.