Client Testimonial

“Macrolease funded my 1st gym (World Gym) 20 years ago. Since then I have done numerous financing projects with Macrolease including small equipment upgrade projects to new club financing which included equipment and build out expenses. My personal contact has been Debbie Lange for about 15 years. Her professionalism, knowledge of the industry, and insight into our franchise organization are exceptional. She manages the entire process in a streamlined, efficient, and customer focused manner. Her responsiveness and communication skills are superb. During the course of my relationship with Macrolease I have met many of their associates and they are all professional, helpful and easy to work with... I have worked with large banks and small lenders. None of them compare to the ease of doing business with Macrolease!"

John Mahoney
Planet Fitness Eastern LI


Businesses can often build up considerable equity in their existing equipment. Refinancing allows them to leverage this source of equity for working capital, debt consolidation or even business expansion. By consolidating multiple loans into a single and seamless loan, companies can drastically reduce their monthly expenses while also reducing the number of accounts they manage.

This also applies to equipment that has already been paid in full. If the collateral is in good condition and still has value, a sale/leaseback may be used. With a sale/leaseback, the equipment is essentially sold to the leasing company and in turn, leased back to the customer.