Client Testimonial

“Macrolease was so helpful when we decided to upgrade our fitness center. It was a sizeable project but Debbie Lange and her team structured a financing plan which made sense to our Board and finance staff. The lease covered all project costs and the payments are very affordable. We’ve teamed up with Macrolease for many years now and they have always provided a competitive and attractive product. Our new fitness center is a home run and we thank Macrolease and Debbie for helping to make it happen”.

- George Loft

Rick Lewis & George Loft
Executive Director & Director of Fitness & Recreation
Mid-Island Y JCC


Businesses can often build up considerable equity in their existing equipment. Refinancing allows them to leverage this source of equity for working capital, debt consolidation or even business expansion. By consolidating multiple loans into a single and seamless loan, companies can drastically reduce their monthly expenses while also reducing the number of accounts they manage.

This also applies to equipment that has already been paid in full. If the collateral is in good condition and still has value, a sale/leaseback may be used. With a sale/leaseback, the equipment is essentially sold to the leasing company and in turn, leased back to the customer.