Client Testimonial

“Macrolease was so helpful when we decided to upgrade our fitness center. It was a sizeable project but Debbie Lange and her team structured a financing plan which made sense to our Board and finance staff. The lease covered all project costs and the payments are very affordable. We’ve teamed up with Macrolease for many years now and they have always provided a competitive and attractive product. Our new fitness center is a home run and we thank Macrolease and Debbie for helping to make it happen”.

- George Loft

Rick Lewis & George Loft
Executive Director & Director of Fitness & Recreation
Mid-Island Y JCC

Other Programs

Interest Only Payments

We provide “interest only” payments for three to six months, subject to credit approval.

Tiered Payments

We are able to structure payments which start out low and increase once or twice during the lease term. This type of program addresses a lessee’s particular cash flow requirements.

Skip Payments

This program is used by those clients who experience seasonal drops in business. For example, in the fitness industry, a club may see a significant drop in income during the summer months when members tend to use the gym less often. We can structure a program whereby the payments for July, August and September are “skipped” or are a fraction of their regular payments.