Client Testimonial

"The YMCA of Central Massachusetts has been working with Macrolease for many years to finance our wellness equipment acquisitions. We have found the process helpful from a budgeting point of view and seamless from an operations point of view. From my perspective it is a true win-win partnership".

Michael E. Strand
Vice President of Administration/CFO
YMCA of Central Mass.

Schools & Universities

Colleges and Universities are finding that equipment leasing is a valuable tool. Budgetary constraints can often prevent schools from acquiring assets when they are needed. Affordable monthly payments versus a large capital expenditure can be an important facet of managing your budget. Whether refreshing existing equipment or outfitting a new facility, short term leasing is an attractive way to accomplish your goal.

As new products become available, having the ability to spread payments out over a 3, 4 or 5 year term enables you to keep your equipment current. Leasing is the perfect means to acquire the assets that will allow you to maintain a state of the art facility.